Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day 2019 

Let's Paint the World Purple for MSAD

Join the global Moebius Syndrome Community for Moebiius Syndrome Awareness Day on January 24 2017 and help us paint the world purple. Click here to go the MSF event page.

Create Your Own MSAD Shirt

History of MSAD

From now through MSAD 2017 we will be running a new series off of our Facebook page simply called "The Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome". Each day we will feature several stories from our website. Please share these posts with all of your family and friends so they can get to know some of the wonderful children and adults in our Moebius Syndrome Community.

If you live in the United States and want to have a MSAD Get Together there are three people who you can contact for support depending on your location. If you live on the east coast contact Kiowana Phillips at If you live in the Midwest contact Becky Becker at If you live on the West Coast contact Tony Wilson at . All other inquires can email Vicki McCarrell at or Tim Smith at

Click here to see if there is a Moebius Syndrome Get Together in your area.

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day 2017​​

2017 MSAD Get Togethers

You can easily and affordably make your own custom made MSAD 2017 shirt in minutes using your computer and printer.. The only other materials you need are a blank shirt, transfer paper, and an iron. You are free to use any of our designs to put on the shirts. Transfer paper can be purchased at Walmart.

The concept of a worldwide Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day in which people are encouraged to wear purple and spread awareness about the syndrome originated from the MFOMS (Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome), an organization run by Tim Smith from Virginia, USA, Gavin Fouche from Cape Town, South Africa and Rebecca Maher, from Tampa, Florida. Click here to learn more.

Smile From Your Heart Photo Challenge

Smile From Your Heart Photo Challenge Because of the absence or underdevelopment of the 6th and 7th facial nerves, those who are born with Moebius syndrome are unable to any show facial expressions whatsoever. This of course means that people who have Moebius syndrome are unable to do what many of us take for granted - smile. It can be particularly devastating when having your photo taken, indicating to someone you like that you fancy them, or even just indulged in sarcasm with strangers. But although people who have Moebius can’t physically smile in the conventional way, this doesn’t mean that they are unable to be happy and can’t express joy. They just smile in otherways and from other places. In the Moebius syndrome community this is known as smiling from the heart. Where a smile may not be able to come from the face, it and the expression of joy and happiness may come from another source such as tone of voice, body language, or even the use of humour. Smiling from the heart, like love, isn’t something that can easily be seen or touched but when felt through a combination of factors results in the most powerful of emotions. Kindness, generosity, love, acceptance, tolerance, goodwill towards your fellow man are all smiles from the heart as well. We’d like you to join us on January 24th - Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day - in smiling from our hearts. We challenge you to send us pictures of yourselves, wearing purple, demonstrating how you smile from your heart. It could be a funny pose, a silly selfie, a hug, or photos of you and your loved ones. Smiling from the face, of course, is optional. Gavin Fouche When posting the photos please use the hashtag #smilefromyourheartfoto. You can also email them to us at or text them to 545 219 1248

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